10 Best Tiki Cocktails You Can’T Miss This Summer

10 best tiki cocktails you cant miss this summer

For the uninitiated bright and colourful cocktails made with rum and based on the tropical theme are known as tiki cocktails and are perfect for summer

Pina colada mode with coconuta cream pineapple juice anda rum this refreshing tropical cocktail is finished off witha cherry anda pineapple wedge add blended ice to makea it cool

Tiki punch made in a huge punch bowl this fruity cocktail is a combination of pineapple juice orange juice grenadine and rum you can mix dark and light rum for added flavor

Coconut mojito one of the finest tropical beverages combines fresh mint lime juice and soda with an infusion of rum and coconut syrup take a refreshing sip and feel rejuvenated

Mai tai created in the 1940s by victor

Scorpion this thunderbolt beverage is crafted with three types of alcohols such as gin rum and brandy combined with orange juice and almond syrup or orgeat

Blue hawaiian which takes its name from the drink itself obtains its vibrant blue hue and fruity taste from a combination of blue curacao pineapple juice coconut cream and rum

Rum runner blackberry liqueur lime juice and rum are all you need for this delicious tropical drink add a touch of grenadine and savor the flavors

Prepare bahama mama take pineapple juice and coconut cream mix with grenadine and add an alcoholic touch with rum your bahama mama is ready

Zombie a cocktail concocted from various types of rum is rumored to possess a potent alcohol level capable of reviving the deceased its origins are attributed to donn beach a renowned figure at don the beachcomber

Painkiller a smooth and creamy journey that will relieve all your tensions and worries with a combination of pineapple juice orange juice coconut cream and rum that penetrate your body

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