15 Classic Cocktails And Reason Behind Their Names

Apr 13 2020 by kritika pushkarna 15 classic cocktails and reason behind their names

Sex on the beach

Negroni a drink with a history dating back to the 20th century is named after count camillo negroni who is credited with inventing it

According to a popular theory

Daiquiri is a rumbased concoction that is named after a village in cuba an american engineer created this drink when he ran out of gin

The manhattan cocktail derives its name from a prosperous banquet held at the manhattan club during the late 1800s hosted by lady randolph churchill

Pina colada created in 1954 is a rumbased drink that literally means strained pineapple in spanish it was named so due to the way it is prepared

Old fashioned

Margarita is a delicious tequilabased cocktail with an intriguing story behind its name most likely inspired by a captivating woman

Mimosa is a delightful blend of refreshing orange juice and sparkling water deriving its name from the vibrant yellow blossoms of the mimosa plant

Bloody mary though there are various theories about how this drink got its name however many believe its named after englands first queen mary tudor

The bellini

Godfather is a delightful concoction crafted with a fusion of scotch whisky and amaretto liqueur this cherished beverage gained popularity as it became the favorite drink of legendary actor marlon brando who portrayed the iconic character of don corleone in the renowned film the godfather