5 Important Tips For Monsoon Travel

5 important tips for monsoon travel

Carry clothes made of quickdry fabrics like polyester for situations where you get wet a great hack is to blow dry your clothes in your rooms to dry them off when it rains

Be mindful while using electronics

Take extra precautions when taking photos and be careful when using electronic devices in the rain You can wrap them in plastic covers or use them less

Bottled water

Not drinking water from unreliable sources buy bottled water on the street or boil water and wait for it to cool before drinking to avoid diseases caused by contaminated water

Windcheater photo credits unsplash

Carry a windcheater jacket as it is water resistant. It is an important garment that can help you enjoy your travel and stay outdoors during monsoon.

Carry insect repellent

During travel remember to bring insect repellent to protect yourself from mosquitoes and other insects especially during monsoon seasons

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