5 Toughest Treks In India For Professionals

3 Published by Neha Yadav by Travel Hindustan Times May 06 2023 Title 5 toughest treks in India for professionals

Description of the photo of the stok kangri trek Tourism Photo Cyril M

This trek occurs in hemis national park in the stok kangri mountain of ladakh situated at an elevation of 6100 meters

This mountain is one of the highest mountains of the himalayas offering a challenging trekking experience

Daring col trek photo

This trek connects khatling glacier to jogin i glacier in uttarakhand at an altitude of 5490 metres above sea level

This trek entails navigating a challenging landscape filled with narrow cliffs and ridges suitable only for experienced and professional trekkers

Kang la trek photo

This trek provides a breathtaking view of the scenic meadows crystal clear glacial lakes and snowfields of himachal pradesh and leh situated at an altitude of 5465 meters it is one of the longest glacier treks in india

Pin parvati pass photo credit flickr lakshit seth

The 11day pin parvati pass trek demands physical stamina and endurance to cross the glacier at an altitude of 5298 meters from bhuntar to kaza in himachal pradesh

Chadar Trek photo credit flickr Dr Ashok Kolluru