5 Travel Destinations For Tea Lovers

5 travel destinations for tea lovers

Darjeeling India

Nestled in the foothills of the himalayas darjeeling is home to some of the most famous tea estates in india

Candy Sri Lanka Photo ID Unslas

Famous for its ceylon tea this historic place is where tea was first planted in sri lanka

Meknes morocco

The scenic hilltop in the city of meknes in morocco is one of the best places to try the moroccan mint tea or maghrebi

Kyoto, Japan. Photo authorization: unsplash

Kyoto japan is known for its tea ceremony be sure to try matcha tea when in japan

Hangzhou China photo credit: unsplash

Hangzhou china is renowned for its green tea this location is infused with a vibrant culture and a deep historical significance making it an exceptional travel choice for tea enthusiasts