6 Tips To Prevent Water

6 tips to prevent waterborne diseases

Rainwater during the monsoon season can serve as a breeding ground for viral infections and waterborne diseases like typhoid cholera and dysentery

Have clean drinking water

Maintain personal hygiene

Take food safety precautions

Wash fruits and vegetables properly before consuming or cooking ensure that meat poultry and seafood are cooked thoroughly it is recommended to avoid consuming street food as the water used for cooking might be contaminated

Maintain proper sanitation

It is crucial to maintain proper and hygienic sanitation at home and in public places make sure to flush the toilet after use and opt for a good chlorinebased disinfectant to clean your washroom

Eliminate mosquitoes

Mosquitoes become carriers of various diseases during monsoons it is important to use mosquito repellents and drain the stagnant water around your house to prevent mosquitoes from breeding further