7 Best Places To Visit In West Bengal, India

7 Best 7 Places to Travel in West Bengal India Brings a Taste of History. There are many popular places in West Bengal. Some of these are:

Kolkata Kolkata is famously known as the city of joy. This metro city is home to beautiful heritage, important cultural festivals, Bengali cuisine and historical monuments.

Darjeeling This place is known as the Queen of Hills. It is a perfect getaway from the summer heat and a romantic abode. Here you can also enjoy the toy train ride and witness the stunning views of nature. 02

Digha is a popular beach town in west bengal where you can enjoy sunbathing take leisurely strolls along the long beach capture mesmerizing photographs and experience peaceful camping amidst serene nature

Kalimpong is an enchanting hill station in West Bengal. This magical place offers views of the tea plantations of the cloud-covered hills of Kanchana and the Mannamanani HN Dharmaya. This place is ideal for a sweet wedding. 04

Mayapur mayapur is a sacred place on the banks of rivers ganga and jalangi that chants the name of sri krishna and radha it is home to gaudiya vaishnavism you can purify your soul by visiting here

Sundarbans is a worldfamous delta in west bengal formed by the rivers ganga and brahmaputra this region is known for its diverse ecology and it is home to the majestic royal bengal tigers

Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta temples earning it the title of the city of terracotta temples the renowned hindu temples like rasmancha and jor bangla temple showcase remarkable architecture embellished with intricate carvings

View web story these are some of best places to visit in west bengal thanks for reading images used are for representative purpose also read 7 best places to visit in madhya pradesh india