8 Popular Bengali Snacks You Must Try

8 Popular Bengali Snacks You Must Try

It is impossible to talk about food when leaving the subject of Bengali food. Let's take a look at some popular Bengali tarts that you must eat.

Jhal Muri The star of Bangladeshi street food, this spicy snack is made with puffed rice mixed with pickled onions, tomatoes, mustard, oil, chilies, and lots of spices.

Aloo chop a delectable snack consisting of a flavorful blend of mashed potatoes and roasted peanuts encased in a thick batter made from besan ideal for a satisfying evening treat

Mutton ghughni a mouthwatering bengali dish made with chickpeas and tender pieces of mutton enjoy it with chopped onion to tantalize your taste buds

Nimki. This perfectly lightly fried chatkel snack is found in Bangladeshi households every year. Meaning, relax with a popcorn joint while watching a movie.

Beguni beguni is a plate of thinly cut brinjal slices that are dipped in besan batter and deep fried in mustard oil it is the tastiest fritters you will ever taste

Swarnim puran samosa also known as shingara makes an appearance in Bengali cuisine where it is enjoyed stuffed with potato or minced meat.

Fish chops This Bengali style fish curry comes out pretty quick and it's tender in the heart that melts in the mouth. It is more earthy with kasundi.

Say Phuchka Golgappe Potasi Batave or Gupchup is the most fun and intense Phuchka available in Bangla street.

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