Beforebed diet tips to improve sleep

Foods that boost melatonin

Foods such as dairy chicken eggs and seafood are lean protein sources that contain the amino acid tryptophan essential for melatonin synthesis that helps promote sleep quality

Dont have dinner before bedtime

Opt for having dinner 2 to 3 hours before bedtime to get a restful sleep and prevent acid reflux

Eating dinner at the right time helps manage circadian rhythm a natural process that regulates the sleepwake cycle and helps digest food efficiently

Have nuts in supper

Nuts like almonds walnuts etc are good sources of magnesium and zinc that help promote a good nights sleep

Avoid midnight snacking

Engaging in midnight snacking is not recommended as it can lead to sleep disturbances and disrupt your sleep cycle instead try sipping on some water before going to bed when you have cravings for latenight snacks

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