How To Travel On A Budget

By neha yadav published may 08 2023 hindustan times lifestyle how to travel on a budget

Choose the right destination

Ande leephi tegiri ve d'o from tegiri tegiri next to tegiri

Research and plan photo credits unsplash

Dig some information on the destination and plan a budget itinerary search online for cheap accommodations with basic facilities like a hostel and plan a pocketfriendly journey

Book in advance unsplash photo credits

Please make your travel and accommodation bookings two to three weeks before your journey to avoid higher prices closer to the travel date

Ensure that you pack all necessary items for your travel to avoid the need for lastminute shopping remember to bring suitable clothing along with essentials such as medicines an umbrella and a rain cover

Explore local culinary unsplash photo credit

Choose local cuisine in small eateries rather than expensive restaurants to immerse yourself in the local culture while staying within your budget

Do not hire a tour guide