Popular Movements Led By Mahatma Gandhi

In focus popular movements led by mahatma gandhi

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated every year on 2 October as the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma gandhi also known as the father of the nation was born on october 2 1869

Known for his contribution to the indian freedom struggle gandhi led various independence movements in india

Here is a list of some popular movements led by mahatma gandhi for his vision of a free india

Champaran satyagrah bihars champaran agitation was the first satyagrah movement led by gandhi against the british in 1917

The movement was aimed at putting an end to the peasants tolerance of cultivating indigo and receiving poor remuneration

Kheda satyagrah

In 1920 mahatma gandhi led a nonviolent noncooperation campaign known as the noncooperation movement

It involved the boycott of foreign clothes councils courts and schools to paralyse the british administration and establish selfgovernance also known as swaraj

The civil disobedience movement began with the famous dandi march under the leadership of gandhi to defy the salt law enforced by the british

The salt march started from sabarmati ashram in ahmedabad on foot with 78 members and ended at dandi village to break the salt law

Quit india movement was initiated by mahatma gandhi during the bombay session of the all india congress committee in 1942 to request the cessation of british rule in india