Tips To Travel On A Hot Sunny Day

Tips to travel on a hot sunny day

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Whenever you plan to step outside in the sun make sure to apply sunscreen on body parts that are exposed to the sun including your face to protect yourself from harmful uv rays

Carry at least 2 liters of water with you when you travel in the sun so that you dont feel parched drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and to replenish yourself

Dress for the weather

Wear loosefitting breathable clothes that are lightcolored aiming to cover all your body parts to prevent sunburn also wear a cap or hat and sunglasses

Limit your time in the sun

Take caution when planning your itinerary for travel in hot arid regions avoid prolonged sun exposure between 11 am and 4 pm

Opt for exploring places early in the morning or in the evening when the temperature is relatively cooler than daytime

Carry electrolytes and medicines

Ensure carrying electrolytes such as oral rehydration salts juices and prescribed medications to address issues like dehydration diarrhea exhaustion and more