Tips To Travel With A Baby On Plane

Tips to travel with a baby on plane lifestyle

Gather information from all airlines

Before making reservations ensure you check the regulations and limitations of different airlines as there might be excess baggage fees for car seats and strollers

Plan for entertainment photo credits unsplash

Do not assume that your baby will sleep throughout the journey make sure to prepare some engaging activities and games to keep your child entertained

During takeoff and landing unsplash photo credits

To prevent ear pain during takeoff and landing breastfeed your baby or use a bottle or pacifier to aid them in adjusting to the changes in cabin pressure

Pick an aisle seat

Choose an aisle seat to minimize inconvenience for yourself and those around you

Ensure your babys diaper is changed just before boarding if you happen to forget you can always request the cabin crew to use their jumpseat which provides more space for diaper changes