Travel Tips For Non

Ride Tips for Non-English Speaking Countries Article by Adah Kohli Published by Hindustan Times on March 29, 2023

If you are planning to take a trip to a nonenglish speaking country and do not know the local language there here are some travel tips for you

With advanced technology language translators can be used everywhere at restaurants to read street signs or communicate with people

Speak the local language

Make sure to learn some basic and emergency related sentences for your safety and smooth travel when you go to visit a city.

Learn gestures

While basic gestures may stay the same some gestures may mean different things in different countries be sensitive and learn gestures that can help you communicate during your holiday

Stick to your point

It can become overwhelming if you lack proficiency in the language although one may wish to avoid sounding impolite it is crucial to remain focused on conveying ones point without getting influenced by others

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