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The luxurious beachfront resort in Mandamani.

Comfortable resort room at Mohana Beach Resort, Mandarmani, West Bengal, India.

We look back on our incredible journey with pride, knowing that we now have world-class hotels in locations across the globe. We’ve made sure that our visitors are always at the center of everything we do when designing a new travel experience, no matter how much has changed around us. We have carefully curated a portfolio of beautifully restored historic landmarks and cutting-edge architectural masterpieces by selecting locations and shaping buildings that share our vision and satisfy the expectations of our most discerning visitors. Our hotels are known for their uniqueness and sophistication, from their stylish swimming pools and bars to their gourmet cuisine. We delight in creating a vacation that speaks to the souls of the people we serve, and that’s why we embrace elegance at every turn.

Many famous people, including actors, politicians, monarchs, aristocracy, artists, writers, and singers, have visited our seaside resort over the years. All of life’s most memorable events have taken place here, from intimate dinners and landmark conferences to magnificent nuptials and relaxing family vacations. The magnificent accommodations and gourmet cuisine at Mandarmani Beach Resort are only the beginning. The resort also has stunning scenery and an unforgettable vibe. We take great delight in designing exceptional experiences that elevate the lives of our valued visitors because we know that this is what makes us genuinely amazing.

Experience breathtaking coastal beauty with the mesmerizing outdoor view of Mohana Beach Resort, Mandarmani – where nature meets luxury in perfect harmony.


Here at our beachfront resort, we recognize that our incredible staff is what makes each hotel what it is. Investment in the selection and development of our people is a core tenet of our strategy since they are a truly unique asset. As a company, we place a premium on training and education for all of our employees, from upper management on down. Our dedication to constant improvement ensures that everyone of our guests has a memorable stay. Each and every guest’s experience at our resort is enhanced by the hard work and enthusiasm of our staff.

Front view of Mohana Beach Resort, featuring palm trees, a pristine shoreline, and a luxurious facade against a backdrop of clear blue skies and turquoise waters.
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