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Sip, Savor, and Sync with the Vibes

Mohana Cafe & Bar

Welcome To Mohana Cafe & Bar!

Dive into a café and bar experience that resonates with coastal allure. Indulge in moments where beverages and bites dance harmoniously with seaside rhythms.

Nestled along the pristine shores, the café and bar at Mohana Beach Resort are more than just dining spaces; they’re sensory experiences. As the waves provide a melodic backdrop, patrons can savor meticulously crafted drinks paired with gourmet treats, each reflecting the freshness of the ocean

Evenings at Mohana are particularly magical. As the sun casts golden hues over the waters, the ambiance in the café and bar transitions. Soft lighting, gentle music, and the distant sound of the tide create the perfect setting for memorable conversations and laughter.

Every visit promises not just flavors, but memories. Whether it’s a quiet morning coffee as the world awakens or a spirited evening with friends under a canopy of stars, Mohana ensures each moment at the café and bar is imbued with the very essence of coastal charm.

Coastal Vibes

Mohana Cafe & Bar captures the essence of Coastal Vibes, melding the tranquil hum of the sea with a relaxed, inviting atmosphere for unparalleled beachfront revelry.

Gourmet Bites

Gourmet Bites at Mohana Cafe & Bar offer a culinary journey, blending fresh ingredients with artistic presentation for a memorable beachfront dining experience.

Refreshing Sips

Refreshing Sips at Mohana Cafe & Bar serve up crafted beverages, infusing tropical flavors with classic mixology for the ultimate seaside libation experience.

At Mohana Beach Resort‘s cafe and bar, every sip and bite invites immersion. Join us where flavors resonate with the pulsating vibes of coastal leisure.

At Mohana Beach Resort, our cafe and bar stand as a beacon of relaxation and revelry. Guests are welcomed into an ambiance where each sip of artisanal beverages and each flavorful bite harmonizes with the laid-back coastal atmosphere. Here, savoring moments becomes a rhythm, syncing seamlessly with nature’s vibes.

Flavors Unveiled, Spirits Elevated.

Discover Our Menu

(08:00 AM to 10:00 AM)

  • Idli & Sambar
  • Dosa (Masala) & Sambar
  • Medu Bada & Sambar
  • Masala Poha
  • Rava Uttapam & Sambar

(05:00 PM to 10:00 PM)

  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Malai Tikka
  • Haliyali Kabab
  • Banno Kabab
  • Tangdi Kabab
  • Fish Tikka
  • Tandoori Pomfret
  • Panner Tikka
  • Stuffed Paneer

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At Mohana Beach Resort, culinary artistry meets oceanic splendor. Dive into a dining experience where the tide’s rhythm complements every flavorful bite.

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